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Join the Antiques Alley Family


Antiques Alley is always growing and adding members to our business family. We offer a hassel free environment where your creative thoughts and input are welcome. You must be an ethical dealer who takes pride in your presentation and the items you present for sale. For that type of dealer we have three presentation offerings. All three come in a variety of sizes and square footage.



We offer seven different booth sizes for our dealers to display their items. They are sized to fit both the smallest and largest of collections. Come by the store and see the manager for a tour of what we have and what is available.


Dealers love our cases because they are spacious and well lit. We offer three different sizes to cater to your display needs.

Wall Space

Wall art and signage are incredibly popular and we offer various sizes of wall space to display items properly. Walls are offered in white or gallery pastels to enhance your art.

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