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Shopping Antiques Alley

Upon entering the store you will find yourself walking down memory lane. Thousands upon thousands of items form your past line the shelves and cabinets. All items are competatively priced and displayed to sell. If the item you like is in a locked case our staff will assist in getting it out and into your hands. We strive to make sure you have a positive shopping experience. Antiques Alley offers ample parking, handicap access, a public restroom, and an amazing audio system to enhance your shopping experience.


Each case is an individual sellers creative approach to presenting their wares for sale. From jewelry to fine antiques to fun collectibles, our staff will assist you in getting to theose items.


Dealers with larger items prefer to use booths to sell their wares. As a buyer you will find some booths have themes and others will be more collective as far as item range. Our dealers take great pride in their booth presentaions.

Wall Art


Throughout Stillwater Antiques you will find beautiful wall art displayed on walls and dividers. Fine oils, watercolors, acrylic, etchings and prints are available for your consideration and purchase.

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